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Next Edge, Inc. is an "Edge" company that pioneers solutions for the next generation (Next) by leveraging our deep insight into technology, advanced technical capabilities, and knowledge of building new businesses.


Next Edge, Inc. provides system consulting service, system implementation service, and system development service for client companies, as well as its own application/media business for consumers.

System Consulting Service

This consulting service is mainly for managers and project leaders of new businesses.

We help our clients identify technical issues to meet their business requirements, support management and project leaders in their decision making, and contribute to the development of more accurate business strategies.

When selecting technology and system architecture at the time of business start-up, it is very important to consider future business growth scenarios and ensure that the system is scalable and flexible so that it does not become a bottleneck. On the other hand, when technology selection is entrusted to the client's developers, it is often difficult to take the same long-term perspective as management, and because short-term development performance tends to be prioritized, there is a tendency to take the familiar methods used in the past, and in many cases, sufficient objective research and rational decision making may not be conducted. This is often the case where sufficient objective research and rational decision-making are not conducted.

Based on our extensive experience in web service development/operation, mobile application development/operation, e-commerce business development/operation, cryptocurrency exchange development, etc., we investigate technical elements and design system architecture to meet the requirements of our clients' system business strategy from scratch. We also identify vendors to collaborate with. We also support management and project leaders in making highly accurate decisions on business strategy by identifying and proposing vendor selection, developing a feasible roadmap, and estimating man-hours and costs for development.

When a concrete project implementation plan has been developed through this service, it can be connected to the "System Implementation Service" or "System Development Service" described below.

System Implementation Service

This service is mainly to support the execution of projects for client companies that have a concrete plan for the execution of their most recent projects. Specifically, we contribute to the success of our clients' projects by providing project management (PM) service and system development service for their projects.

Our experienced project managers are in charge of project management for our client companies, and they are able to maximize the performance of the project as a team by ensuring that the engineers onsite are able to work smoothly, based on a deep understanding of the client company's business strategy context from a mid- to long-term perspective.

With the "PM" service, even if the mission, project requirements, and specification of implementation are abstract, the PM also takes ownership and is responsible for bringing the mission down to a concrete level where the developers can carry out the work. Specifically, our PMs are responsible for system design from the business mission, project ticket definition, project progress management, etc. Our PMs are also able to work in English.

In addition, our professionals with extensive system development experience are in charge of system development work for our clients. In system development work, we develop specific development tickets that have been incorporated through PM work, while considering mid- to long-term system strategies, and making decisions in light of the appropriate architecture. We may propose improvements to code that is customary in the field, if it is judged that the code should be improved based on rational decision-making. See below for the skill stacks of our developers.

System Development Service

Based on our extensive experience in web service development/operation, mobile application development/operation, e-commerce business development/operation, cryptocurrency exchange development, etc., we provide system development service for our clients.

We have a knowledge and experience of not only conventional web system development (Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.), mobile application development (Flutter, iOS/Swift, Android/Kotlin) but also system development related to blockchain and Web3. In concrete, we've developed NFT (ERC721 compatible / IPFS Storage) minting system for a listed company, customized token based on ERC20 with Solidity, NFT marketplace system (including web system and smart contracts), and Android native app for tablet which connects to the user's EVM wallet and shows only the user's owning NFTs.

If you also need to incorporate business and system strategies, you can use our "System Development Service" in conjunction with the above "System Consulting Service" to clarify your system strategy.

Specific tasks include hearing the client company's business requirements, defining system requirements, selecting cooperative vendors, project management, system implementation, testing to ensure quality, and deploying to servers.

Mobile App/Media Service for Consumers

nft review

Move to nft review

We offer nft review, the first NFT review site in Japan for consumers.

Non-fundable tokens (NFTs) are a technology currently attracting attention that can add monetary value to digital data. On the other hand, NFTs can be created by anyone, and there is a need to visualize the trustworthiness of NFTs themselves and their issuers. Next Edge, Inc. has released nft review, the first NFT review site in Japan that visualizes the reliability of NFTs and NFT creators based on review information.

Review information plays a major role in increasing the NFT purchase rate. We contribute to our partners' NFT promotion activities by collecting review information and linking systems through external APIs.

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