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Founder / CEO
Shohei Yamasaki
Graduated Tokyo Institute of Technology, majored in Computer Science (Parallel computing with computing clusters and virtualized technology).
When he was a student, he developed "Goodfind" (web media service) which is a prime media of Slogan, Inc, listed in Tokyo Growth Market. He started his career as a CTO of Slogan, Inc.
He also started the business of Sharecoto Inc. as a CTO and sold the business.
After that he joined blockchain project of OKWAVE Inc. In the project, he was a project manager of Token Economy which is called "Gratitude Economy" collaborating with blockchain development subsidiary in Malaysia.
In January 2022, he released the first NFT review media service "nft review" and established Next Edge, Inc. in October 2022. He also has been a mentor of engineer entrepreneur school "G's Academy" since 2018.
Koji Tanaka
Graduated Meiji University, majored in Faculty of Agriculture.
Since 2006, he entered Misumi Inc., planed machine parts and joined business development strategy team.
Since 2009, he constructed Bonsai E-commerce business.
Since 2010, he established Sharecoto Inc and have been solving client companies' problems about SNS marketing. Supported operation and campaign with Instagram, Facebook, LINE and Twitter.Since 2019, he sold the share of Sharecoto Inc. to IREP Co., Ltd. (M&A)

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