Next Edge, Inc.



Be a Next Edge.

We will not only utilize our knowledge as a technology company, but also continue to provide value to society by not only solving problems but also opening up new solutions (Edge) that create the next generation (Next) based on a deep understanding of the context of our clients and consumers.


The combination of in-depth market research and customer learning, highly accurate business strategy development, deep technology insight, and strong implementation capabilities makes us uniquely positioned to deliver consistency and agility from strategy to execution.



Actively take action to resolve issues.

We define our own mission, make decisions, and execute them with our own will.


Regard the issues in front of you as your own business.

By regarding issues as our own affairs rather than someone else's, it's possible to use our imagination and creativity to achive high value.


Focus on the performance as a team.

While individual performance is important, the final outcome is a team effort. We respect project members and maximize the performance as a team.

Action 1st

Act first with your own will.

We will proactively take action according to our own will, without fear of failure. Team members respect those who took action first, and the entire team backs them up to brush up to higher quality.

Fast Feedback

Act with awareness of speed to feedback.

When working on a task, we always try to achieve 80% of the results in 20% of the time by the due date, and give an early feedback to the person who asked the task. Early feedback allows for fixing plans and make it possible to achieve more accurate performance.


Always be constructive.

We always try to view events objectively and logically, without being biased toward optimism or pessimism, and to take constructive actions that make it better.


Work with passion.

If you have passion, you will not only motivate yourself, but you will also contribute to having a positive impact on your team. Everyone involved in our work is a human being. We strive to make everyone feel good about their work.

Next Edge, Inc.
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